Let the 9 days begin… Nightly dinner posts for the nine days.



Dinner #1: Light, fluffy and tasteful hollandaise omelet. Crunchy vitamin packed organic pea shoots. Meaty portobello mushrooms. This is how I Want That For Dinner cooks for the nine days, meat- free.

Wondering what are these nine days? There is an Orthodox Jewish custom during the first nine days of the month of Av (falls out starting today) amongst other things, to not eat meat. (Click here to see what else we are prohibited from doing and specifically why)

Given the restriction of eating meatless causes quite the raucous in my community. Maybe it is the pure restriction itself that drives me wild, but I am not alone. My fellow food bloggers got a head start with posting dairy recipes for the past month. On my original Facebook page people have been posting non stop dairy recipes. Cries for help to find the best recipes to survive this carnivore free week. Why does this effect us so greatly? Vegetarians and Vegans do this 365 days a year. I think I can handle a no meat week. Truthfully? I am predicting a healthier, lighter and svelt-er week.

I for one am excited! To kick off the 9 day dinners…I chose to go CHEESE-LESS (BIG deal for me, I am a cheese lover.) The portobello mushroom acts as my “meat stand in” for the night. In vegetarian cooking I often see portobellos substituted as burgers. What better way to showcase this powerhouse veggie than with my version of “steak” and eggs.


My newest obsession, move over spinach! Pea shoots taste like you, cheaper than you and easier to clean.

The eggs themselves were very special. I originally chose to make a hollandaise sauce to serve with the omelet. After making the sauce I thought it would be interesting to swirl it into the omelet during the cooking process. Result was a light fluffy egg white omelet with ribbons of hollandaise baked inside. Add some of those incredible sautéed pea shoots and have yourself one good veggie meal!


Look at my fork. Please tell me you agree- This looks like a piece of steak!



Portobellos during cooking process. Shrank to half their size!

Ingredients: Yields enough for two HUNGRY people, four regular appetites.

  • 4 portobello mushrooms. Cleaned (gills removed) and dried.
  • 4 eggs. Separate yolks from the whites.
  • 1/4 cup of milk. I used half & half.
  • 2-3 cups of pea shoots. Approx. half a package.
  • Salt, pepper and chili flakes to taste.
  • Lemon juice.
  • 1/2 cup of smart balance/ butter.
  • Tomato sauce for dipping.


  • Heat a large non stick sauté pan on medium heat, place the mushrooms stems up. Sprinkle generously with salt and pepper.
  • Place a lid on top of the mushrooms to help them cook. Be aware a lot of juicy mushroom goodness will help cook and steam the portobellos.
  • After 5 minutes, flip mushrooms over and place lid on top. Repeat until mushrooms are tender, approx. 10-12 minutes.
  • Transfer to a plate. Let cool while we begin the eggs.
  • Hollandaise: place egg yolks into blender with lemon juice and spices. Drizzle in melted butter while the ingredients begin being processed. (Follow this easy recipe for more detailed instructions.)
  • Add the pea shoots into the hot sauté pan the mushrooms were cooked in. Add 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Cover with the lid to speed up cooking process. Simmer for 2 minutes.
  • While the pea shoots cook, whisk together the egg whites and milk until frothy. Lift lid, pour over pea shoots.
  • Trick when cooking omelets- MOVE that pan. Check out Jamie Oliver to help explain… fast fwd to 1:45)
  • Pour in the hollandaise sauce right before flipping the egg. Give the pan a little shake, and flip the omelet with a nice size spatula to help! (If omelet breaks it is okay- serve broken omelet pieces :))
  • Cook until eggs are set, 4-5 minutes total.
  • Serve with sliced portobello, tomato sauce and fresh pea shoots.

Enjoy this spring/ summer dish! Good luck to everyone embarking on this nine day journey… I have faith that you will be A-Okay!

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3 thoughts on “Let the 9 days begin… Nightly dinner posts for the nine days.

  1. serach says:

    where does one buy pea shoots?

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