This is how I do…The red, white and blue.

Happy Fourth!


Mini peach, pomegranate, lime AND red chili pies

Red, white and blue. How many more desserts can one see for this holiday?? I know I had to jump on the blogger- bandwagon and create an appropriate colored dessert.

Brainstorming for this dish didn’t come so easily to me. I am gluten free and super busy at work. Had to be simple, impressive and taste good.

I now have a good and bad ending to the dessert. Power walking with my best neighbor/ taste tester/ BFF extraordinaire- Aviva, we shot around ideas for desserts to make. She is a closeted pastry chef, so I knew we’d be able to come up with something pretty awesome. Discussing cream puffs, cheesecakes, cookies and cakes seems almost ironic while trying to exercise; but it worked! Mini fruit pies baked in a mini cupcake pan. Red from the filling of peaches, pomegranate, lime and red chili. Blue from the blueberries I served alongside; White from the pie crust.

What  I have just described to you was the GOOD part of my story. The bad? Bloggers have FAILURES. This gluten free crust (dairy free thanks to Crisco)  tasted like crispy paper. My recipe looked beautiful and cute. The idea was there and the filling was really inventive. That CRUST was just so bad.

I truthfully try to avoid baking GF for this reason. If it is not a naturally gluten free crust with dates/ nuts, I do not believe it comes out good. I was trying out a new GF flour mix for the first time, was hopeful and it just failed. I wanted to be honest with everyone and show that not all of my recipes come out well. Bloggers are human and failures can absolutely occur :(

So please wonderful GF readers, if you have a secret for a magical delicious pie crust, share away!



Decadent, flakey, crispy, buttery and sinful mini pie at work. Filled with a rich caramel sauce and apples.



Happily, at work the next day, I made a non GF version of my pies. I referenced the amazing Deb’s Smitten Kitchen pie crust. Result? Puff pastry from scratch. Not sure if that was on purpose or just the luck of the day after last night’s flop. I sliced apples for the filling, mixed with cinnamon, lemon, vanilla and a rich caramel sauce. If you need an incredible (however time consuming) recipe to really WOW a crowd, I recommend this one.

Now that was a mini pie :)! Served with vanilla ice cream for a real 4th treat!




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2 thoughts on “This is how I do…The red, white and blue.

  1. Hindy says:

    These look great! GF baking is hard and is always a series of experiments. I have best results using a nut-based crust. I use almond flour for my crusts. Which flour blend did you use for these?

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